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LT1969 Fiches technique(PDF) 18 Page - Linear Technology

No de pièce LT1969
Description  Dual 700MHz, 200mA, Adjustable Current Operational Amplifier
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LT1969 Fiches technique(HTML) 18 Page - Linear Technology

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system performance. If left unchecked, the high DC cur-
rent can heat the LT1969 to destruction.
Using DC blocking capacitors to AC couple the signal to
the transformer eliminates the possibility for DC current to
flow under any conditions. These capacitors should be
sized large enough to not impair the frequency response
characteristics required for the data transmission.
Another important fault related concern has to do with
very fast high voltage transients appearing on the tele-
phone line (lightning strikes for example). TransZorbs
varistors and other transient protection devices are often
used to absorb the transient energy, but in doing so also
TransZorb is a registered trademark of General Instruments, GSI
create fast voltage transitions themselves that can be
coupled through the transformer to the outputs of the line
driver. Several hundred volt transient signals can appear
at the primary windings of the transformer with current
into the driver outputs limited only by the back termination
resistors. While the LT1969 has clamps to the supply rails
at the output pins, they may not be large enough to handle
the significant transient energy. External clamping diodes,
such as BAV99s, at each end of the transformer primary
help to shunt this destructive transient energy away from
the amplifier outputs.

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