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SI-3025LSA Fiches technique(PDF) 9 Page - Allegro MicroSystems

No de pièce SI-3025LSA
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SI-3025LSA Fiches technique(HTML) 9 Page - Allegro MicroSystems

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The products described herein are manufactured in Japan by Sanken Electric
Co., Ltd. for sale by Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
Sanken and Allegro reserve the right to make, from time to time, such departures
from the detail specifications as may be required to permit improvements in the
performance, reliability, or manufacturability of its products. Therefore, the user is
cautioned to verify that the information in this publication is current before placing
any order.
When using the products described herein, the applicability and suitability of
such products for the intended purpose shall be reviewed at the users responsibility.
Although Sanken undertakes to enhance the quality and reliability of its products,
the occurrence of failure and defect of semiconductor products at a certain rate is
Users of Sanken products are requested to take, at their own risk, preventative
measures including safety design of the equipment or systems against any possible
injury, death, fires or damages to society due to device failure or malfunction.
Sanken products listed in this publication are designed and intended for use as
components in general-purpose electronic equipment or apparatus (home appli-
ances, office equipment, telecommunication equipment, measuring equipment, etc.).
Their use in any application requiring radiation hardness assurance (e.g., aero-
space equipment) is not supported.
When considering the use of Sanken products in applications where higher
reliability is required (transportation equipment and its control systems or equip-
ment, fire- or burglar-alarm systems, various safety devices, etc.), contact a Sanken
sales representative to discuss and obtain written confirmation of your specifica-
The use of Sanken products without the written consent of Sanken in applications
where extremely high reliability is required (aerospace equipment, nuclear power-
control stations, life-support systems, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
The information included herein is believed to be accurate and reliable. Appli-
cation and operation examples described in this publication are given for reference
only and Sanken and Allegro assume no responsibility for any infringement of
industrial property rights, intellectual property rights, or any other rights of Sanken
or Allegro or any third party that may result from its use.

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