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ACX312 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 1 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Numéro de pièce ACX312
Description  Miniature High-Precision 4.6 cm (1.8-type) 118K-Dot Digital Still Camera Color LCD Features a Viewing Area Ratio of 100%
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ACX312 Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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Miniature High-Precision 4.6 cm (1.8-type) 118K-Dot Digital Still Camera Color LCD
Features a Viewing Area Ratio of 100%
The 1.8-type color LCD panel is widely used as the monitor
in digital still cameras.
Sony has already released the ACX306AK low-temperature
polycrystalline silicon TFT LCD as a 1.5-type 118K-Dot min-
iature high-precision model.
Sony has now added the 1.8-type ACX312AK, which provides
the same functionality with the same number of dots, to their
product line, expanding the Sony lineup of products for use
in digital still cameras.
4.6 cm (1.8-type) 118K dots
Complete 100% viewing area ratio with 0%
High contrast (200:1) and high optical
transmittance (8.6%) despite miniaturization
Power saving function provides even lower
power consumption during standby mode
Up/down and/or right/left inversion
Supports NTSC and PAL
Of our low-temperature polycrys-
talline silicon LCD products, the
ACX312AK aims to become a
de facto standard due to its
specialization for use in digital
still cameras. This LCD repre-
sents the crystallization of efforts
and technologies contributed by
many engineers, and we are
convinced that this device is
superior to other manufacturers’
LCDs, both in performance and
quality. I hope many digital still
camera developers will adopt this
Viewing Area Ratio of
The ACX312AK achieves a viewing
area ratio of 100% by setting the
overscan to 0%. This allows all of the
image taken by the CCD to be displayed
with nothing missing to prevent the loss
of critical images.
Full Complement of
Functions Despite
By adopting Sony’s TFT polycrystalline
silicon technology developed over many
years, the ACX312AK manages to pro-
vide all of the functions of the conven-
Improved Ease of Use
The CXA3572R provides many advan-
tages over the conventional CXA3522R.
(See table 2.) First, the package has been
reduced in size from a 72-pin LQFP to
a 48-pin LQFP, thus cutting in half the
space taken by the IC on the printed
circuit board. This increases the degrees
of freedom available in end product
design. Second, the VCO has been
integrated on the chip, obviating the
need for an external oscillator circuit
and reducing the number of external
components required. The previously
required PSIG buffer is planned to be
integrated as well, allowing a further
parts count reduction. Furthermore,
since this 1.8-type device has the same
number of dots as the conventional 1.5-
type device, the same printed circuit
board can also be used for end products
that use a 1.5-type device, thus contrib-
uting to reduced design costs when
creating a line of end products.
tional ACX300 Series products (2.0
type to 3.5 type) despite its ultrasmall
form. In particular, it includes up/down
and/or right/left inversion functions to
increase the degrees of freedom avail-
able in end product design. Further-
more, it achieves high contrast (200:1)
and high transmittance (8.6%), and is
at the top level of number of effective
pixels per unit area (115.4 dots/mm2)
in the ACX300 Series. As a result, it
provides smooth fine-grained images
with no apparent dots and a high pic-
ture quality. At the same time it can
contribute to reduced overall power
consumption in end product designs.
System IC
Sony provides the new CXA3572R
system IC, which was developed along
with the ACX312AK. This system IC
integrates the timing generator and the
RGB drivers on a single chip. The
CXA3572R supports both NTSC and
PAL, and accepts either Y/color differ-
ence or RGB signals as input. It includes
up/down and/or right/left inversion
functions to take advantage of the pan-
els’ features. Furthermore, it includes
power saving functions to reduce power
consumption in standby mode even
further. (See figures 2 and 3.)

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