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E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Fiches technique(PDF) 2 Page - ETAL Group

No de pièce E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A
Description  Integral power electronics provide a wear-resistant switching function, insensitive to shock, vibration and dust
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E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Fiches technique(HTML) 2 Page - ETAL Group

  E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Datasheet HTML 1Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Datasheet HTML 2Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Datasheet HTML 3Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0A0V0-4U3-3A Datasheet HTML 4Page - ETAL Group  
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Smart Power Relay E-1048-8C...
Wire breakage monitoring in wire breakage thresholds:
ON and OFF
in OFF-condition (ver.1): Rload > 100 kΩ
condition of load 1)
in OFF-condition (ver.2): Rload > 10 kΩ
in ON-condition: Iload < 0.2 x IN
indication via group fault signalisation
SF (switching output)
Fault indication will not be stored, i.e.
after remedy of wire breakage fault
indication will disappear
Possible options:
- wire breakage indication only in ON
- wire breakage indication only in OFF
- no wire breakage indication)
Short circuit, overload
- disconnection of load, indication via
in load circuit
group signal SF
- no automatic re-start
- after remedy of the fault unit has to
be reset via control input IN+
Control input IN+
Control voltage IN+
0...5 V = “OFF”, 8.5...32 V = “ON”
Control current IE
1...10 mA (8.5...DC 32 V)
Reset in the event of a failure - via external control signal
(low-high) at control input IN+
- high) at control input IN+
- via reset of supply voltage
Switching frequency
at resistive or inductive load max. 60 Hz
Edge of IN
< 5 ms
Status and diagnostic functions
Control signal AS
transistor output low side switching
(LSS), open collector, short circuit
and overload
proof, max. load: DC 32 V/2 A
0 V-level: when unit is set
(at IN+ = 8.4...32 V)
Group signal SF
transistor output low side switching
(LSS), open collector, short circuit and
proof, load max. DC 32 V/2 A
0 V-level with overload and short circuit
disconnection, wire breakage indication
Analogue output U(I)
voltage output 0-5 V proportional
to load current:
1 V = 0.2 x IN
5 V = 1.0 x IN
5 V... typically 6.5 V = overload range
tolerance: (for Iload > 0.2 x IN)
± 8 % of IN
max. output current 5 mA
load resistance > 1 kΩ against GND
Trip times 1)
response time when switching on a load:
definition of t90
t90 = 20 ms
reached 90% of final value
response time of load change on duty:
t90 = 1 ms
Visual status indication
control signal AS
LED yellow
group fault signal SF
LED red
General data
Reverse polarity protection
Control circuit
Load circuit
no (due to integral free-wheeling diode)
Status outputs
interference voltage resistance
max. DC 32 V
Temperature range
1...20 A: -40...+85 °C
ambient temperature
25 A: -40...+60 °C without load reduction
Temperature shutdown
power transistor > 150 °C
Humid heat
combined test, 9 cycles with
functional test
test to DIN EN 60068-2-30, Z/AD
Temperature change
min. temperature -40 °C,
max. temperature +90 °C
test to DIN IEC 60068-2-14, Nb
Vibration (random)
in operation, with temperature change
6 g eff. (10 Hz...2,000 Hz)
test to DIN EN 60068-2-64
Vibration was tested with standard
sockets for PCB mounting.
Behaviour at vibrations depends on
design, quality and age (number of
push-in cycles) of the socket particularly
regarding duration of the vibration and
the mounting position
25 g/11 ms, 10 shocks
test to DIN EN 60068-2-27
test to DIN EN 60068-2-52, severity 3
Protection class
-8C4 IP30 to DIN 40050
-8C5 IP54 to DIN 40050,
higher protection class upon request
EMC requirements
EMC directive:
emitted interference EN 50081-1
noise immunity EN 61000-6-2
Automotive directive:
emitted interference, noise immunity:
72/245/EWG und 2006/28/EG
Terminals of CUBIC version
(7 pin, standard)
5 blade terminals 6.3 mm x 0.8 mm
and 2 blade terminals
2.8 mm x 0.6 mm to DIN 46244
Contact material CuZn37F44
on automotive relay socket 4-pole or
Housing CUBIC version
max. dimensions
30 x 30 x 40 mm when plugged in
30 x 30 x 51.6 mm including terminals
housing PA66-GF30
base plate PA6-GF30
approx. 23 g...43 g,
depending on version
CE, E1 logo
to EMC directive and vehicles directive
Approved by Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt
approvals no. E1 10R-043880
Technical Data (TA = 25 °C, UN = DC 24 V) (TA = ambient temperature at UN)
Technical Data (TA = 25 °C, UN = DC 24 V) (TA = ambient temperature at UN)
1) typically

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