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E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Fiches technique(PDF) 1 Page - ETAL Group

No de pièce E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A
Description  Integral power electronics provide a wear-resistant switching function, insensitive to shock, vibration and dust
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E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Fiches technique(HTML) 1 Page - ETAL Group

  E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Datasheet HTML 1Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Datasheet HTML 2Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Datasheet HTML 3Page - ETAL Group E-1048-8C4-C0D0V1-4U3-1A Datasheet HTML 4Page - ETAL Group  
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background image
Smart Power Relay E-1048-8C...
Technical Data (TA = 25 °C, UN)
E-1048-8C CUBIC version
Power supply LINE +
DC power supply with small Ri
battery and generator etc.
Voltage ratings UN
DC 12 V/DC 24 V
Operating voltage US:
DC 9...32 V
Closed-circuit current
I0 in the OFF condition
< 1 mA
Load circuit LOAD
Load output
Power MOSFET, high side switching
Current rating range IN
1 A ... 25 A (fixed rating)
without load reduction up to 85° C
(1 A...20 A), 25 A bis 60 °C ambient
IN = 1 A ... 10 A: trip curve 1
IN = 15 A ... 25 A: trip curve 2
Types of loads
resistive, inductive, capacitive, lamp
loads, motors (depending on duration
of inrush current)
Typical voltage drop UON at rated current IN 1)
Switching point 1)
typically 1.3 x IN
(-40 °C...+85 °C: 1.1...1.5 x IN)
Trip time1)
typically 200 ms with switch-on onto
overload and/or load increase on duty
max. overload
IN = 1 A ... 10 A: 60 A (at L/R = 3ms)
IN = 15 A ... 25 A: 250 A (at L/R = 3ms)
Temperature disconnection
power transistor > 150 °C
Parallel connection of channels for loads of 25 A plus, several units of
identical current ratings may be
connected in parallel. To ensure equal
distribution of current between units,
symmetrical design of the supply feed
is necessary (length and cross section).
Free-wheeling diode
for connected load
IN = 1 A ... 10 A: 40 A
IN = 15 A ... 25 A: 100 A
Delay time 1)
ton 5 ms / toff 1.5 ms
The Smart Power Relay E-1048-8C – is a remotely controllable electronic
load disconnecting relay with three functions in a single unit:
electronic relay
electronic overcurrent protection
status and monitoring functions
The 7 pin CUBIC version is designed for use with standard automotive
relay sockets. A choice of current ratings is available from 1 A through
25 A. An operating voltage range of DC 9...32 V allows the connection
of DC 12 V and DC 24 V loads.
In order to switch and protect loads remotely, it has until now been
necessary to connect several discreet components together
- an electro-mechanic relay, control cable and integral contact to
close the load circuit
- an additional protective element (circuit breaker or fuse) for
cable or equipment protection
- a device for current measurement (shunt)
Now type E-1048-8C combines all these functions in a single unit,
thus minimising the number of connections in the circuit and
thereby reducing the risk of failures.
Type E-1048-8C is suited to all applications with DC 12 V or DC 24 V
circuits, where magnetic valves, motors or lamp loads have to be
switched, protected and monitored:
- road vehicles (utility vehicles, buses, special vehicles)
- rail vehicles
- marine industry (ships, boats, yachts etc.)
The Power Relay is also suitable for industrial use (process control,
machine-building, engineering) as an electronic coupling relay
between PLC and DC 12 V or DC 24 V load
Integral power electronics provide a wear-resistant switching
function, insensitive to shock, vibration and dust.
Compared to electro-mechanical relays, only a fraction of the
closed-circuit current or switching current is needed. This is
important for battery buffered load circuits which have to remain
controlled even with the generator off line.
The extremely low induced current consumption of less than 1 mA
is absolutely necessary for battery buffered applications.
The load circuit is disconnected in the event of an overload or
short circuit.
The load circuit is permanently monitored for wire breakage.
Two status outputs for control signal AS and group signal SF
provide status indication. For processing the actual value of the
current flow in a power management system an analogue output
from 0 to 5 V is provided. This voltage signal may also be used as
an input to a control circuit or to switch off the unit by means of
external control in the event of low load current value.
For switching and monitoring loads of 25 A plus it is possible to
connect several units in parallel. Uniform power distribution between
units must be ensured by symmetrical design of the supply cables
(length and cross section).
Coloured label, for the identification the rated current (e. g. red = 10 A)
1 A
50 mV
10 A
110 mV
2 A
55 mV
15 A
70 mV
3 A
60 mV
20 A
90 mV
5 A
80 mV
25 A
120 mV
7.5 A
90 mV
1) typical

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