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LM2793 Fiches technique(PDF) 4 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
No de pièce LM2793
Description  Low Noise White LED Constant Current Supply with Dual Function Brightness Control
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Fabricant  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
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LM2793 Fiches technique(HTML) 4 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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Electrical Characteristics
(Notes 2, 8)
Note 5: The human-body model is a 100 pF capacitor discharged through a 1.5 k resistor into each pin. The machine model is a 200pF capacitor discharged directly
into each pin.
Note 6: Maximum ambient temperature (TA-MAX) is dependent on the maximum operating junction temperature (TJ-MAX-OP = 100
oC), the maximum power
dissipation of the device in the application (PD-MAX), and the junction-to-ambient thermal resistance of the part/package in the application (θJA), as given by the
following equation: TA-MAX =TJ-MAX-OP -(θJA xPD-MAX). The ambient temperature operating rating is provided merely for convenience. This part may be operated
outside the listed TA rating, so long as the junction temperature of the device does not exceed the maximum operating rating of 100
Note 7: Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance is highly application and board-layout dependent. In applications where high maximum power dissipation exists,
special care must be paid to thermal dissipation issues. For more information on these topics, please refer to the Power Dissipation section of this datasheet.
Note 8: All room temperature limits are 100% tested or guaranteed through statistical analysis. All limits at temperature extremes are guaranteed by correlation
using standard Statistical Quality Control methods (SQC). All limits are used to calculate Average Outgoing Quality Level (AOQL). Typical numbers are not
guaranteed, but do represent the most likely norm.
Note 9: Maximum LED voltage (VDx) is highly dependent on the application’s minimum input voltage and the amount of current flowing through the LEDs. Maximum
LED voltage for a given application can be approximated with the following equations:
IN-MIN< 3.0V: VDx-MAX =(1.5xVIN-MIN)-(IDXx 25 mV/mA) - (3.5
Ω x2xI
≥ 3.0V: V
Dx-MAX =4.3V-(IDX x 25 mV/mA)
The equations above assume LEDs are connected to outputs D1 and D2, and no current drawn from the charge pump output (POUT). For a more precise and
thorough analysis of maximum LED voltage, please refer to text sections of the datasheet (to appear in future datasheet revisions - in the interim, please contact
National Semiconductor for more information).
Note 10: Current sources are connected internally between POUT and IDx. The voltage across each current source, [V(POUT) - V(IDx)], is referred to as headroom
voltage. For current sources to regulate properly, a minimum headroom voltage must be present across them. Minimum required headroom voltage is proportional
to the current flowing through the current source, as dictated by this equation: VHR-min = 400mV x (IDx / 16mA).
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