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LT1469 Fiches technique(PDF) 11 Page - Linear Technology

No de pièce LT1469
Description  Dual 90MHz, 22V/us 16-Bit Accurate Operational Amplifier
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LT1469 Fiches technique(HTML) 11 Page - Linear Technology

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Small-Signal Transient, AV = 1
Small-Signal Transient, AV = – 1
Large-Signal Transient, AV = 1
Large-Signal Transient, AV = – 1
Layout and Passive Components
The LT1469 requires attention to detail in board layout
in order to maximize DC and AC performance. For best
AC results (for example, fast settling time) use a ground
plane, short lead lengths and RF quality bypass capacitors
(0.01μF to 0.1μF) in parallel with low ESR bypass capaci-
tors (1μF to 10μF tantalum). For best DC performance, use
“star” grounding techniques, equalize input trace lengths
and minimize leakage (e.g., 1.5GΩ of leakage between an
input and a 15V supply will generate 10nA—equal to the
maximum IB– specification).
Board leakage can be minimized by encircling the input
circuitry with a guard ring operated at a potential close
to that of the inputs: for inverting configurations tie the
ring to ground, in noninverting connections tie the ring
to the inverting input (note the input capacitance will
increase which may require a compensating capacitor as
discussed below).
Microvolt level error voltages can also be generated in
the external circuitry. Thermocouple effects caused by
temperature gradients across dissimilar metals at the
contacts to the inputs can exceed the inherent drift of
VS = ±15V
1469 G37
VS = ±15V
1469 G38
VS = ±15V
1469 G39
VS = ±15V
1469 G40

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