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AD15AD416 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 1 Page - Analog Devices

Numéro de pièce AD15AD416
Description  Tape and Reel Packaging
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Fabricant  AD [Analog Devices]
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AD15AD416 Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Analog Devices

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Tape and Reel Packaging
The electronics industry is making a tremendous investment in surface-
mount technology. The reasons for this investment include cost savings
resulting from automated component placement and increased density
of PCB layout due to smaller package sizes.
Today’s placement machines can pick and place thousands of components
per hour with a very high degree of accuracy. To achieve this performance,
the component delivery system must be capable of feeding parts at high
speeds in a consistent orientation, positively indexed to the demands of the
machine. The leads of the components must be protected from damage
during shipment, handling, and placement.
The preferred packing material available today for these demands is
tape and reel. Analog Devices’ tape and reel system is fully compatible
with the detaping equipment that is standard in most automated place-
ment equipment.
In the tape and reel format, the components are placed in specifically
designed pockets embossed in a plastic carrier tape. The cover tape is
sealed to the carrier tape to keep the parts in place in these pockets. A row
of sprocket holes is provided along one edge of the embossed tape to facili-
tate positive indexing. The tape is then wound onto a rigid plastic reel that
provides mechanical protection during handling and storage. These reels
are dust-free and compatible with a clean environment.
Analog Devices’ tape and reel specifications are in conformance with the
EIA Standard 481 “Taping of Surface-Mount Components for Automatic
ESD Protection
Analog Devices’ tape and reel delivery system is designed to offer a very
high degree of protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). All tape
and reel materials are static-dissipative. In addition, drypacked reels are
shipped in moisture barrier bags; nondrypacked reels are shipped in a box
with ESD conductive coating or in a conductive ESD bag. To retain the bene-
fits of this protection, the bags should be opened only at ESD controlled
workstations by trained personnel.
Peel Back Strength
The peel back force will be between 10 g and 100 g for 8 mm wide
tape and 10 g to 130 g for tapes 12 mm and wider when tested at room
temperature and pulled at a 175° to 180° angle with a peel-off speed of
± 10 mm/min.
Direction of Feed
Direction of feed is defined as the direction in which the end user unreels
the tape. The direction of feed for all products is counterclockwise when the
reel is held with the round sprocket holes facing the observer.
Figure 1. Direction of feed.

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