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AD10678PCB Datasheet(Fiches technique) 3 Page - Analog Devices

Numéro de pièce AD10678PCB
Description  High Speed ADC USB FIFO Evaluation Kit
Télécharger  28 Pages
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Fabricant  AD [Analog Devices]
Site Internet
Logo AD - Analog Devices

AD10678PCB Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - Analog Devices

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FIFO evaluation board, ADC Analyzer, and USB cable
High speed ADC evaluation board and ADC data sheet
Power supply for ADC evaluation board
Analog signal source and appropriate filtering
Low jitter clock source applicable for specific ADC
evaluation, typically <1 ps rms
PC running Windows 98 (2nd ed.), Windows 2000,
Windows Me, or Windows XP
PC with a USB 2.0 port recommended (USB 1.1-
Note: You need administrative rights for the Windows
operating systems during the entire easy start procedure.
It is recommended to complete every step before reverting
to a normal user mode.
Install ADC Analyzer from the CD provided in the FIFO
evaluation kit or download the latest version on the Web.
For the latest updates to the software, check the Analog
Devices website at
Connect the FIFO evaluation board to the ADC evaluation
board. If an adapter is required, insert the adapter between
the ADC evaluation board and the FIFO board. If using
the HSC-ADC-EVALB-SC model, connect the evaluation
board to the bottom two rows of the 120-pin connector,
closest to the installed IDT FIFO chip. If using an ADC
with a SPI interface, remove the two 4-pin corner keys so
that the third row can be connected.
Connect the provided USB cable to the FIFO evaluation
board and to an available USB port on the computer.
Refer to Table 5 for any jumper changes. Most evaluation
boards can be used with the default settings.
After verification, connect the appropriate power supplies
to the ADC evaluation boards. The FIFO evaluation board
is supplied with a wall mount switching power supply that
provides a 6 V, 2 A maximum output. Connect the supply
end to the rated 100 ac to 240 ac wall outlet at 47 Hz to
63 Hz. The other end is a 2.1 mm inner diameter jack that
connects to the PCB at J301. Refer to the instructions
included in the ADC data sheet for more information
about the ADC evaluation board’s power supply and other
Once the cable is connected to both the computer and the
FIFO board, and power is supplied, the USB drivers start
to install. To complete the total installation of the FIFO
drivers, you need to complete the new hardware sequence
two times. The first Found New Hardware Wizard opens
with the text message This wizard helps you install
software for…Pre-FIFO 4.1
. Click the recommended
install, and go to the next screen. A hardware installation
warning window should then be displayed. Click Continue
. The next window that opens should finish the Pre-
FIFO 4.1 installation. Click Finish. Your computer should
go through a second Found New Hardware Wizard, and
the text message, This wizard helps you install software
for…Analog Devices FIFO 4.1
, should be displayed.
Continue as you did in the previous installation and click
Continue Anyway
. Then click Finish on the next two
windows. This completes the installation.
(Optional) Verify in the device manager that Analog
Devices, FIFO4.1
is listed under the USB hardware.
Apply power to the evaluation board and check the voltage
levels at the board level.
Connect the appropriate analog input (which should be
filtered with a band-pass filter) and low jitter clock signal.
Make sure the evaluation boards are powered on before
connecting the analog input and clock.
10. Start ADC Analyzer.
11. Choose an existing configuration file for the ADC
evaluation board or create one.
12. Click Time Data in ADC Analyzer (left-most button under
the menus). A reconstruction of the analog input is
displayed. If the expected signal does not appear, or if there
is only a flat red line, refer to the ADC Analyzer data sheet
at for more information.

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