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AD5024 Fiches technique(PDF) 18 Page - Analog Devices

No de pièce AD5024
Description  Fully Accurate, 12-/14-/16-Bit VOUT nanoDAC, Quad, SPI Interface, 4.5 V to 5.5 V in TSSOP
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Fabricant  AD [Analog Devices]
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AD5024 Fiches technique(HTML) 18 Page - Analog Devices

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Data Sheet
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DAC-to-DAC Crosstalk
DAC-to-DAC crosstalk is the glitch impulse transferred to the
output of one DAC due to a digital code change and subsequent
output change of another DAC. This includes both digital and
analog crosstalk. It is measured by loading one of the DACs
with a full-scale code change (all 0s to all 1s or vice versa) with
LDAC low and monitoring the output of another DAC. The
energy of the glitch is expressed in nanovolt-seconds.
Multiplying Bandwidth
The multiplying bandwidth is a measure of the finite bandwidth
of the amplifiers within the DAC. A sine wave on the reference
(with full-scale code loaded to the DAC) appears on the output.
The multiplying bandwidth, expressed in kilohertz, is the
frequency at which the output amplitude falls to 3 dB below
the input.
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Total harmonic distortion is the difference between an ideal
sine wave and its attenuated version using the DAC. The sine
wave is used as the reference for the DAC, and the THD is a
measure of the harmonics present on the DAC output. It is
measured in decibels.

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