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740331-000 Fiches technique(PDF) 19 Page - Tyco Electronics

No de pièce 740331-000
Description  RAYCHEM Tubing Products
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Fabricant  MACOM [Tyco Electronics]
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740331-000 Fiches technique(HTML) 19 Page - Tyco Electronics

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background image
Dimensions are in inches and
Dimensions are shown for
USA: 1-800-522-6752
Germany: 49-6251-133-1999
CIS WR 08/2011
millimeters unless otherwise
reference purposes only.
Canada: 1-905-475-6222
China: 86-400-820-6015
specified. Values in brackets
Specifications subject
Mexico: 52-55-1106-0800
Japan: 81-44-844-8013
are metric equivalents.
to change.
L. & S. America: 54-11-4733-2200
UK: 44-800-267-666
RAYCHEM Tubing Products
Model 19
Belt Heater for Heat-
Shrinkable Tubing Products
Product Facts
Closed-loop speed and
temperature control
Continuous controlled
Adaptable for different
CE approved for worldwide use
Self-diagnostic circuitry
Parts counter and hour meter
Control Heating Zone
The Model 19 processor
has two stamped foil heating
elements that are manufac-
tured to a strict wattage
Consistent temperatures
(ambient to 700ºC) are con-
trolled by a thermocouple
embedded into the upper
heating element connected
to a closed loop tempera-
ture controller. An alarm
light illuminates whenever
the actual heating element
temperature varies from the
set point temperature.
Speed Control
The belt speed is selected
using a 3-digit thumbwheel
(on the front panel) via a
closed loop motor controller
and DC gear motor.
Minimal Skill Requirements
There are clearly marked
guides for aligning the
assemblies as well as the
tubing or device being
processed. The operator
only has to center the
assembly, then the tubing
and slide it into the belts.
The belts grip and carry the
assemblies through the
heating and cooling zones,
depositing them into the
unloading bin.
The processor is designed
to process a broad range of
Raychem heat-shrinkable
products up to 25 mm [1 in]
in diameter and 178 mm
[7 in] in length. The infrared
energy source is well-suited
to efficient processing of
either single wall or adhe-
The Model 19 conveyor
type processor is a reliable
and versatile process
heater which provides a
controlled process for a
wide variety of heat-shrink-
able products.
Double-sided timing belts
on either side of the upper
and lower heating cham-
bers draw the assemblies
through a thermally con-
trolled infrared heat zone,
then through a fan-cooled
zone before depositing
them into the unloading bin.
The processor was designed
to meet the requirements
of the European Safety
Directives and is CE
approved, allowing for
worldwide use.
Available in:
Asia Pacific
tubing. Temperature and
speed can be controlled
to accommodate a wide
variety of products and
Safety Features:
• Emergency Stop
• Automatic cool-down
circuit to extend the life
of the components
• Over-temperature switch
that shuts off all power in
the event of an overheat
• Lockout on temperature
and speed controllers to
prevent unauthorized

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