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740331-000 Fiches technique(PDF) 9 Page - Tyco Electronics

No de pièce 740331-000
Description  RAYCHEM Tubing Products
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Fabricant  MACOM [Tyco Electronics]
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740331-000 Fiches technique(HTML) 9 Page - Tyco Electronics

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Dimensions are in inches and
Dimensions are shown for
USA: 1-800-522-6752
Germany: 49-6251-133-1999
CIS WR 08/2011
millimeters unless otherwise
reference purposes only.
Canada: 1-905-475-6222
China: 86-400-820-6015
specified. Values in brackets
Specifications subject
Mexico: 52-55-1106-0800
Japan: 81-44-844-8013
are metric equivalents.
to change.
L. & S. America: 54-11-4733-2200
UK: 44-800-267-666
RAYCHEM Tubing Products
Heating Work Station for
Short Length Tubing
Product Facts
Automatic cycle start once
heater is manually
positioned over product,
which gives improved
process control
(recommended for adhesive-
lined heat-shrinkable tubing
e.g. sealing applications)
Automatic heating head
retraction at end of cycle
prevents damage to
Multiple product fixture
assemblies give increased
process rates
Cooling fan above each
fixture assembly maintains
holding fixture at an
acceptable temperature
before initiating the heating
cycle. The operator then
continues with loading/
unloading the other work
station whilst the heating
cycle is taking place.
The IR-1891-220V-Shuttle-
Retn is provided with
closed loop temperature
control and in addition the
heat head is ‘locked’ into
position by use of an elec-
tromagnet during the heat-
ing cycle.
Once the other workstation
has been loaded and the
first installation is complete,
the heat head is moved into
position over the product
and the next heating cycle
initiated. Heating times vary
typically from 3 to 30
seconds depending on the
size and type of tubing
product. Process rates up
to 1200 pieces/hour can be
achieved depending on the
heating time and the time
taken by the operator to
load and unload the work-
pieces. The installation
temperature/power can be
varied according to product
type/size and required
cycle times.
The heating elements,
which are continuously
energized, are of the infra-
red medium wave length
type and consist of a coiled
resistance wire contained
in quartz glass tubes. The
closed loop temperature
control uses similar elements
but having integral thermo-
couple sensors.
The IR-1891 is suitable for
the installation of a range of
Raychem heat-shrinkable
tubing products onto a
variety of small components,
e.g. ring terminals, Faston
terminals and small con-
nectors etc. The machine
is provided with two work
stations and a moveable
heating head.
Each workstation is pro-
vided with supports for
tooling fixtures (which must
be specified and ordered
separately). These support
the workpieces and locate
the tubing products. The
operator loads the work-
pieces into the fixtures at
one of the workstations,
ensures that the tubing
product is correctly posi-
tioned and then slides the
heat head into position
Available in:
Asia Pacific

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