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STD Fiches technique(PDF) 9 Page - Texas Instruments

No de pièce STD
Description  bq2026 Evaluation Software
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Fabricant  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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STD Fiches technique(HTML) 9 Page - Texas Instruments

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Software Operation
Figure 6. ROM CMD Page
This page (see Figure 7) allows the user to program the 1.5K-bit EPROM with desired values and to
program the STATUS bytes. It requires that the hardware is set up as described in the EPROM
programming of this user's guide.
1.5K-Bit EPROM
The EPROM memory map is organized in six pages of 32 bytes each. All registers can be read by clicking
on the Read Memory button. As the registers of a specific page are being read, the page number is
highlighted in red.
The two methods of programming the EPROM using the evaluation program follow.
1. Click on a specific grid that corresponds to the register that needs to be written. Write the hexadecimal
value of the data that needs to be written, and then press ENTER.
2. The other method of programming the EPROM is by importing a data file that contains all the values to
be programmed. The data file has the file extension .epr. An example of a data file is included with the
evaluation program. To create additional data files, modify the example file so that the values on the
right side of the file represent the desired values. Save the file with a different name ensuring that the
extension .epr is used. To import a file into the grid, go to File
→ Open Data File, and select the
appropriate file. Once the file is opened, the grid is filled in with the values contained in the data file.
– December 2011
bq2026 Evaluation Software
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© 2011, Texas Instruments Incorporated

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