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LC78833M Datasheet(Fiches technique) 6 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

Numéro de pièce LC78833M
Description  Digital Audio 16-Bit D/A Converter with Built-In Digital Filters
Télécharger  11 Pages
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Fabricant  SANYO [Sanyo Semicon Device]
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LC78833M Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

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LC78833M/V Operation
1. Digital Filters
The LC78833M and LC78833V perform the computations shown in the figure.
• Oversampling
The oversampling circuit in these ICs consists of two 2
× interpolation filters (implemented as FIR filters)
connected vertically.
In particular, these ICs implement 4
× oversampling by the vertical connection of two FIR filter stages, a 33rd-order
stage and a ninth-order stage. See page 9 for the filter characteristics.
• De-emphasis
A first-order IIR filter is used for de-emphasis. The filter coefficients are optimized for a sampling frequency of
44.1 kHz. See page 9 for the filter characteristics when de-emphasis is applied.
— De-emphasis on/off switching
De-emphasis is on when the EMP pin is high.
De-emphasis is off when the EMP pin is low.
2. Digital Audio Data Input
These ICs handle digital audio data in a 16-bit two’s complement MSB first format. The 16-bit serial data is input to
an internal register from the DATA pin on BCLK rising edges and read in on rising and falling edges of the LRCK
No. 5212-6/11
LC78833M, 78833V

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