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BQ78412 Fiches technique(PDF) 9 Page - Texas Instruments

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No de pièce BQ78412
Description  Pb-Acid Battery State-of-Charge Indicator With Run-Time Display
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BQ78412 Fiches technique(HTML) 9 Page - Texas Instruments

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State of Health (SoH) Detection
The state of health indication can be configured either on the number of charge/discharge cycles that have
occurred or a reduced full charge capacity. Discharge and charge by an amount equal to the design capacity of
the battery constitutes one cycle. A reduced full charge capacity (FCC) could be obtained by either of the two
capacity learning methods.
The number of cycles or the FCC at which the WARN and REPLACE indications are provided, are configurable.
The parameters used for state of health include
The REPLACE or WARN LED is turned on when the one or the other of the two state of health conditions occur.
See the Status LEDs section for details on status indicator LED operation. Gas gauging and device operation are
not affected when a state-of-health indication has been detected.
The bq78412 supports up to a 10-segment LED display in bar graph format. During a discharge, it shows run
time to empty at the current discharge rate and during charge, this shows %SoC.
The bq78412 also supports battery status indicators:
Display data are transmitted serially to external shift registers which are used to latch and turn on the external
LEDs. The shift registers are updated when a status change is detected.
Display use is not required. Instead, an external device may query the bq78412 for status via the universal
asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) port. The bq78412 can also be configured to automatically broadcast
the status through the UART TXD pin. See the Status Broadcast section.
Bar Graph Display
The bq78412 supports up to a 10-segment LED display in bar graph format. The size of the bar graph display is
defined in DevConfig1[5:2] with a default value of 10.
During discharge, the bar graph shows run time to empty at the current discharge rate. Each bar represents a
run time to empty up to a maximum number as defined by the DsplyConf1 through DsplyConf5 parameters. Each
byte indicates how much run time (in minutes) is allocated to the respective LED. The total time represented by
the display is the sum of the time in each parameter. For example, when each parameter is set to 30 minutes,
the total display time is 300 minutes or five hours. When the calculated discharge run time to empty is greater
than the maximum time for the display, all LEDs are turned on. In the default mode, each LED represents ½ hour
or 30 minutes remaining run time. When one LED is on, there is at least ½ hour of remaining run time.
Copyright © 2010, Texas Instruments Incorporated
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