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LA4906 Fiches technique(PDF) 3 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

No de pièce LA4906
Description  17-W, 2-Channel BTL AF High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for Car Audio Systems
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Fabricant  SANYO [Sanyo Semicon Device]
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LA4906 Fiches technique(HTML) 3 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

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No. 5714-3/10
Technologies for Increased Efficiency Used in the LA4906
• Nonlinear amplifier
The LA4906 adopts a nonlinear amplifier, which has the nonlinear
characteristics shown in Figure 2, in the signal system. The LA4906
dispenses with the lower side switching regulator by using a low 2 V
as the midpoint voltage instead of the 1/2 VCC used in normal
This nonlinear amplifier is basically formed from a differential
amplifier that has a symmetrical negative feedback circuit. Although
the BTL output stage positive and reverse phase output waveforms
have a half-wave waveform that, when referenced to ground, is
expanded and compressed as shown in Figure 3, the combined
output waveform at the load terminals is identical to that of earlier
• Signal-following switching technique
The LA4906 uses a switching regulator for the power supply for the
amplifier output stage. The LA4906 significantly reduces power
dissipation by having the switching regulator output voltage follow
the signal. Also, the LA4906 restricts the number of switching
regulators required to just one circuit even though it implements a
BTL 2-channel amplifier by using the switching regulator in
combination with the nonlinear amplifier described below. (See
Figure 1.)
Figure 1 Overview Block Diagram
Figure 2 Nonlinear Amplifier
Input/Output Characteristics
Figure 3 Output Waveforms
Figure 4
RL = 4
f = 1 kHz
Rg = 600
With both channels
Calculated at Pd =
× ICC – 2 PO
Loss in the output
Regulator output (point C)
Regulator output (point C)
Positive phase
output (point A)
Center point
Reverse phase
output (point B)
Center point
Waveform between
the outputs
(Between A and B)
Output power, PO – W
Earlier SANYO
products (class
B amplifiers)

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