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74029-6000 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 1 Page - Molex Electronics Ltd.

Numéro de pièce 74029-6000
Description  2.00 by 2.25mm (.079 by .089") Pitch 5-Row, 6-Row and 8-Row VHDM-HSD Module-to-Backplane Connector System
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Fabricant  MOLEX [Molex Electronics Ltd.]
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Logo MOLEX - Molex Electronics Ltd.

74029-6000 Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Molex Electronics Ltd.

  74029-6000 Datasheet HTML 1Page - Molex Electronics Ltd. 74029-6000 Datenblatt HTML 2Page - Molex Electronics Ltd.  
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2.00 by 2.25mm
(.079 by .089") Pitch
5-Row, 6-Row and 8-Row
Connector System
Features and Benefits
Up to 5.0 Gbps bandwidth per signal pair enables
state-of-the-art system design and performance
2.00 by 2.25mm (.079 by .089”) pitch provides real
signal density of 10 differential pairs for 5-row and
6-row and 15 differential pairs for 8-row per
centimeter (25 and 38 pairs respectively per inch)
Minimum distance between daughtercards:
– 5-row system offers 15.00mm (.591")
– 6-row system offers 18.00mm (.709")
– 8-row system offers 22.00mm (.866")
Ground planes between signal columns provide
tightly controlled impedance for rise times down to
50 picoseconds (10-90%). This ensures very low
cross talk between signals within and between
Ground pins are in the same grid as signal pins,
allowing wider channels for PCB routing and traces
up to 0.25mm (.010”) wide
6-row or 8-row VHDM-HSD wafers can be applied to
the same stiffener as standard VHDM® 6-row or 8-
row wafers. The combination of VHDM and VHDM-
HSD wafers, grouped together in the same stiffener,
provides cost effective solutions to different
performance parameters
The Very High Density Metric High Speed Differential
(VHDM-HSD) connector system has been expanded to
include 5-row, 6-row and 8-row daughtercard and
backplane modules. VHDM-HSD is designed for
differential-pair architecture applications that require
very high interconnect density and signal integrity in a
single-ended configuration.
The same great modularity features and components of
VHDM are provided in the VHDM-HSD. The 5-row and 6-
row systems feature 2 signal pairs per column and the
8-row system features 3 signal pairs per column in
increments of 10 and 25 columns. All circuits are
utilized as signal circuits without the need to use some as
ground circuits.
The daughtercard connector consists of a metal stiffener
just as with the VHDM system. The system combines the
signal wafers, power modules and guidance modules
into one continuous connector that can be ordered as a
single specific part number. The card pitch of the VHDM-
HSD 8-row system is the same as the standard VHDM 8-
row system, allowing both signal wafer types for single
ended and differential pair to be used together. This
modularity and design flexibility allow engineers to
incorporate both connector systems on the same
platforms. The system is based on a 2.00mm (.079")
pitch and includes vertical and right angle products that
can be configured up to 2000 circuits. The maximum
length of a daughtercard connector on a single stiffener
is 300mm (12").
The backplane connectors feature headers with open
ends for continuous side-to-side stacking and headers
with guide pins and polarizing keys on either end to aid
in proper alignment of the mating daughtercard. The
power modules occupy just a small width and hold
sequentially matable pins that each manage 10.0 amps
of current.
Molex offers application tooling for pressing VHDM-HSD
connectors into PCBs as separate modules or as complete
assemblies. VHDM-HSD cable assemblies are also
available for connecting backplane headers to high-
performance cables.
Note: VHDM and VHDM-HSD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teradyne,Inc.

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