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R-10E Datasheet(Fiches technique) 1 Page - Systemsensor advanced ideas.

Numéro de pièce R-10E
Description  Multi-Voltage Conventional Relays
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Fabricant  SYSTEMSENSOR [Systemsensor advanced ideas.]
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Logo SYSTEMSENSOR - Systemsensor advanced ideas.

R-10E Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Systemsensor advanced ideas.

  R-10E Datasheet HTML 1Page - Systemsensor advanced ideas. R-10E Datenblatt HTML 2Page - Systemsensor advanced ideas.  
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Conventional Relays
System Sensor’s multi-voltage conventional relays
are used for high-current switching applications such
as fan and damper assembly control, door control,
air handling unit controls, and other types of system
Multi-voltage operation
Activation LEDs
Easy and flexible installation
Reliable and robust design
Multipurpose field installations
Multi-voltage relays with terminal strip field wiring connections,
mounting track, and hardware for R-10T/20T and R-14T/24T
Removable front cover on steel enclosure for R-10E/R-20E and R-
14/R-24E, which mount inside the enclosure
LED viewing hole on top of the steel enclosure’s cover
Extra pair of wires for redundant power input on PR-3
Terminal strip field wiring connections, mounting track, and
The R-10T, R-20T, R-14T, and the R-24T models are multi-
voltage relays with terminal strip field wiring connections, mounting
track, and hardware. The R-10T is a single FORM–C (SPDT) relay with
a red activation LED, and the R-14T is a four-gang 1 FORM–C (SPDT)
relay with four red activation LEDs. The R-20T is a single 2 FORM–C
(DPDT) relay with a red activation LED, and the R-24T is a four-gang 2
FORM–C (DPDT) relay with four red activation LEDs.
The R-10E/R-20E and R-14E/R-24E are similar to the T-series
track mount relays, but they are mounted into a steel enclosure. The
enclosure has a removable front cover that provides easy access and
an LED viewing hole on the top of the cover.
PR-1/PR-2/PR-3 are epoxy encapsulated multi-voltage relays. They
are single-pole double-throw relays that use a red LED as a visible
indication of relay coil energization. PR–3 is
identical to PR–2, except it has an extra pair of wires for redundant
power input.
Model EOLR-1 is an epoxy encapsulated, single-pole single-throw,
normally open relay that can be used as an end of line device in fire
alarm systems, e.g. to supervise power supplies.

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