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CAT523 Fiches technique(PDF) 1 Page - Catalyst Semiconductor

No de pièce CAT523
Description  Dual Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP™) with 256 Taps and Microwire Interface
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Fabricant  CATALYST [Catalyst Semiconductor]
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CAT523 Fiches technique(HTML) 1 Page - Catalyst Semiconductor

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© Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
Doc. No. MD-2005 Rev. G
Characteristics subject to change without notice
Dual Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP™) with
256 Taps and Microwire Interface
Two 8-bit DPPs configured as programmable
voltage sources in DAC-like applications
Common reference inputs
Non-volatile NVRAM memory wiper storage
Output voltage range includes both supply rails
2 independently addressable buffered
output wipers
1 LSB accuracy, high resolution
Serial microwire-like interface
Single supply operation: 2.7V - 5.5V
Setting read-back without effecting outputs
For Ordering Information details, see page 12.
Automated product calibration.
Remote control adjustment of equipment
Offset, gain and zero adjustments in self-
calibrating and adaptive control systems.
Tamper-proof calibrations.
DAC (with memory) substitute
PDIP 14-Lead (L)
SOIC 14-Lead (W)
13 VOUT1
¯¯¯¯ 3
12 VOUT2
CS 4
11 NC
DI 5
10 NC
DO 6
The CAT523 is a dual, 8-bit digitally-programmable
potentiometer (DPP™) configured for programmable
voltage and DAC-like applications. Intended for final
calibration of products such as camcorders, fax
machines and cellular telephones on automated high
volume production lines, it is also well suited for
systems capable of self calibration, and applications
where equipment which is either difficult to access or in a
hazardous environment, requires periodic adjustment.
The two independently programmable DPPs have a
common output voltage range which includes both
supply rails. The wipers are buffered by rail to rail op
amps. Wiper settings, stored in non-volatile NVRAM
memory, are not lost when the device is powered
down and are automatically reinstated when power is
returned. Each wiper can be dithered to test new
output values without effecting the stored settings and
stored settings can be read back without disturbing
the DPP’s output.
Control of the CAT523 is accomplished with a simple
3-wire, Microwire-like serial interface. A Chip Select
pin allows several CAT523's to share a common serial
interface and communication back to the host
controller is via a single serial data line thanks to the
CAT523’s Tri-Stated Data Output pin. A RDY/BSY
output working in concert with an internal low voltage
detector signals proper operation of non-volatile
NVRAM memory Erase/Write cycle.
The CAT523 is available in the 0°C to 70°C
Commercial and -40°C to + 85°C Industrial operating
temperature ranges and offered in 14-pin plastic DIP
and SOIC mount packages.

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