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BK4819 Fiches technique(PDF) 5 Page - Beken Corporation

No de pièce BK4819
Description  Analog Two Way Radio IC
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BK4819 Fiches technique(HTML) 5 Page - Beken Corporation

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1.2.5 Crystal Oscillator
BK4819 integrates a low-power amplitude-regulated 26MHz crystal oscillator.
The 26MHz crystal oscillator not only provides the reference frequency for the RF
synthesizer, but also provides clock for digital part. The circuit diagram of the
26MHz crystal oscillator is shown in Figure 4.
The 26 MHz crystal oscillator is designed for use with a quartz crystal in parallel
resonant mode. To achieve correct oscillation frequency, the load capacitance
must match the specification in the crystal datasheet. Figure 4 on next page
shows how the crystal is connected to the 26 MHz crystal oscillator. C1 and C2
are ceramic SMD (Surface Mount Device) capacitors connected between each
crystal terminal and ground. Cvar is an adjustable capacitor for frequency
Figure 4. Circuit Diagram of the 26MHz Crystal Oscillator
in which, Cpar is parasitic capacitance including PCB trace capacitance and pin
input capacitance. The value of Cpar is about 1pF.
1.2.6 Power Supply Decoupling
Proper power-supply decoupling must be used for optimum performance. The
placement and size of the decoupling capacitors and the power supply filtering
are very important to achieve the best performance in an application.

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