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SPX431A Fiches technique(PDF) 1 Page - Sipex Corporation

No de pièce SPX431A
Description  Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator
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SPX431A Fiches technique(HTML) 1 Page - Sipex Corporation

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Date: 1/19/05
SPX431A,B,C Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator
© Copyright 2005 Sipex Corporation
Precision Adjustable Shunt Regulator
The SPX431 is a 3-terminal adjustable shunt voltage regulator providing a highly accurate
bandgap reference. The SPX431 acts as an open-loop error amplifier with a 2.5V temperature
compensation reference. The SPX431's thermal stability, wide operating current (150mA) and
temperature range (0°C to 105°C) makes it suitable for a variety of applications that require a low
cost, high performance solution. SPX431A tolerance of 0.5% is proven to be sufficient to
overcome all of the other errors in the system to virtually eliminate the need for trimming in the
power supply manufacturer's assembly line and contribute a significant cost savings.
The output voltage may be adjusted to any value between V
REF and 36 volts with two external
resistors. The SPX431 is available in TO-92, SOIC-8, SOT-89, and SOT-23-5 packages.
■ Trimmed Bandgap to 0.5%, 1% and 2%
■ Wide Operating Current 1mA to 150mA
■ Extended Temperature Range:
0°C to 105°C
■ Low Temperature Coefficient 30 ppm/°C
■ Offered in TO-92, SOIC, SOT-89,
■ Improved Replacement in Performance for
■ Low Cost Solution
■ Battery Operating Equipment
■ Adjustable Supplies
■ Switching Power Supplies
■ Error Amplifiers
■ Single Supply Amplifier
■ Monitors / VCRs / TVs
■ Personal Computers
Anode (A)
Cathode (K)
Refer to page 3 for pinouts.
Now Available in Lead Free Packaging

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