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CS4961XX Fiches technique(PDF) 2 Page - Cirrus Logic

No de pièce CS4961XX
Description  New Audio System Processors are Ideal for Digital Audio Networking Applications
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Fabricant  CIRRUS [Cirrus Logic]
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CS4961XX Fiches technique(HTML) 2 Page - Cirrus Logic

  CS4961XX Datasheet HTML 1Page - Cirrus Logic CS4961XX Datasheet HTML 2Page - Cirrus Logic  
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background image
Facility audio distribution
Paging stations
Power amplifiers
Audio snakes
Signal processors
Mixing consoles
Self-powered loudspeakers
Ceiling speakers
Microphone pre-amplifiers
Media servers
Stand-alone A/D and D/A interfaces
Networked consumer audio
Cir r us Logic, Inc. · 2901 V ia For tuna · Austin TX 787 46 USA · T 512-851-4000 · T 800-888-5016 · F 512-851-4977
Product Bulletin 0159-0205-PB-LP © 2005 Cirrus Logic, Inc. All rights reserved. Product information is subject to change without notice. Cirrus Logic, CobraNet, and Leading
the Digital Entertainment Revolution are trademarks of Cirrus Logic, Inc. Other brand and product names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.
Part No.
Serial Audio In
Serial Audio Out
Application Examples
Assembler and Linker – Full featured
assembler and linker supports modular
development for Cirrus Logic’s high
performance Harvard-architecture
DSP processor.
Using Cirrus Logic’s DSP Conductor
software, a graphical audio-oriented
development environment, the developer
defines signal flow and may make real-time
adjustments to DSP parameters. Software
interacts with the target system via an
Ethernet connection.
Documentation – The SDK includes
comprehensive documentation of the
Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and the
operation of the Assembler, Linker and DSP
Conductor software. Example code and
tutorials get you started quickly writing your
own application specific DSP code.
Support – The CobraNet technology SDK is
supported by experienced audio DSP and
CobraNet technology engineers as well as
Cirrus Logic FAEs.
The Silicon Series of processors, along with
the included firmware, implements a fully
functional CobraNet technology-compliant
interface. In addition, Cirrus Logic offers a
variety of utility programs and documentation
support to assist our developers in successfully
creating and launching CobraNet technology
based products.
CobraCAD – is an application used to
model CobraNet network topologies. Simply
point, click, drag, and drop and CobraCad
will verify that the CobraNet network
configuration will perform as intended.
This tool is ideal for end users installing
systems with CobraNet technology.
CobraNet Discovery – is a utility program
used to provide valuable feedback regarding
the working state of a CobraNet network.
The program reads and displays operational
statistics from every CobraNet interface on
the network. It can also be used to assign
addresses to individual CobraNet devices
and to update CobraNet firmware.
CobraNet Object Tools (COT) – is a
Microsoft ® COM object library that can be
used with a variety of software languages
or scripting systems. COT provides all of the
low-level functionality needed to configure
and monitor CobraNet devices, greatly
easing the development effort required to
write custom CobraNet applications.
Other Resources – Cirrus Logic has
additional software tools available for use
in manufacturing and test environments.
Reference designs and many helpful
application notes are also available.
The CobraNet Silicon Series processors and
its firmware and software tools are available
today with the full support that comes from the
worldwide Cirrus Logic sales and applications
engineering teams.
CobraNet technology has a proven track
record, with years of successful deployments
and tens-of-thousands of nodes in use today.
This solid track record, along with the cost-
effective CobraNet Silicon Series of processors
now available, makes the selection of
CobraNet technology an easier choice
than ever.
Software Tools – DSP Programming
Software Tools – Networking
* These ICs can be made available in lead-free packaging and/or industrial grade.

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