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LM3207 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 6 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
Numéro de pièce LM3207
Description  650mA Miniature, Adjustable, Step-Down DC-DC Converter for RF Power Amplifiers with Integrated Vref LDO
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Fabricant  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
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LM3207 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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Note 5: Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance (
θJA) is taken from thermal measurements, performed under the conditions and guidelines set forth in the JEDEC
standard JESD51-7.
Note 6: Min and Max limits are guaranteed by design, test, or statistical analysis. Typical numbers are not guaranteed, but do represent the most likely norm. Due
to the pulsed nature of the testing TA =TJ for the electrical characteristics table.
Note 7: The parameters in the electrical characteristics table are tested under open loop conditions at PVIN = 3.6V. For performance over the input voltage range
and closed loop results refer to the datasheet curves.
Note 8: Shutdown current includes leakage current of PFET.
Note 9: IQ specified here is when the part is operating at 100% duty cycle.
Note 10: Current limit is built-in, fixed, and not adjustable. Refer to datasheet curves for closed loop data and its variation with regards to supply voltage and
temperature. Electrical Characteristic table reflects open loop data (FB = 0V and current drawn from SW pin ramped up until cycle by cycle limit is activated). Closed
loop current limit is the peak inductor current measured in the application circuit by increasing output current until output voltage drops by 10%.
Note 11: Ripple voltage should measured at COUT electrode on good layout PC board and under condition using suggested inductors and capacitors.
Note 12: Transient Pull-up current (IPUT) and Transient Pull-down Current (IPDT) will be tested which are inversely proportional to charge and discharge times tLDO,
and tLDO, OFF respectively.
Note 13: Dropout voltage is the voltage difference between the input and the output at which the output voltage drops to 100 mV below its nominal value.
Typical Performance Characteristics (Circuit in Figure 3, See Operation Description Section),
IN = EN = 3.6V, L = 3.0µH, (DCR = 0.12
Ω, FDK MIPW3226D3R0M); C
IN = 10µF, (6.3V, 0805, TDK C2012X5R0J106K);
OUT = 4.7µF, (6.3V, 0603, TDK C1608X5R0J475M), CLDO = 100nF, 10V, (0402, TDK C1005X5R1A104KT) (or 220nF,
(6.3V, 0402, TDK C1005X5R0J224KT)) can be used. T
A = 25˚C unless otherwise specified.
LDO Typical Performance Curves
LDO Voltage vs Load Current
LDO = 100nF)
LDO Dropout Voltage vs Load Current
LDO = 100nF), (Note 13)
LDO Short Circuit Current vs Voltage
IN = 3.0V, CLDO = 100nF)
LDO Output Noise Density
LOAD = 1mA, CLDO = 100nF and 220nF)

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