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STCF01 Fiches technique(PDF) 8 Page - STMicroelectronics

No de pièce STCF01
Description  Step-up Converter for Cell Phone Camera Flash LEDs
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Fabricant  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
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STCF01 Fiches technique(HTML) 8 Page - STMicroelectronics

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6 Detailed Description
Detailed Description
The STCF01 white Led boost converter drives two up to four white LEDs with a constant
current. It needs few external components: two ceramic capacitors (CI=2.2µF CO=4.7µF), one
inductor L=10µH and one schottky diode. The device works with a minimum VI=2.6V, and it has
an Over Voltage Protection on the output guaranteed at minimum value equal to 17V. This
value ensures proper operation with a maximum of four White LEDs in series. In the worst case
of VI=2.6V at VOVP=8V (typical value of two LEDs) it is possible to obtain IO=270mA, while at
VOVP=11V (typical value of three LEDs) it is possible obtain IO=180mA (Figure 4: Maximum
Output Current Vs Input Voltage). The maximum IO current is limited by inductor peak current
internally set at Typ 1.2A. This feature allows saving the battery life from intensive use of the
flash. The SEL pin allows to select high and low current value flowing on the White LEDs.
The two current values are set through external resistors RHC and RLC according the following
ILED(FLASH) = 2100 * (VI - VHC) / RHC
ILED(TORCH) = 2400 * (VI - VLC) / RLC
An High logic level on SHDN pin puts the device in shutdown mode; if it is hold to Low the flash
or torch mode is activated. When the SHDN pin is LOW the device provides the requested
current in less than 200µs (see TURN ON TIME plot). This fast turn-on time makes the device
suitable for single shoot and multiple shoot operation modes.

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