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ATR0809 Fiches technique(PDF) 1 Page - ATMEL Corporation

No de pièce ATR0809
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ATR0809 Fiches technique(HTML) 1 Page - ATMEL Corporation

  ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 1Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 2Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 3Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 4Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 5Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 6Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 7Page - ATMEL Corporation ATR0809 Datasheet HTML 8Page - ATMEL Corporation  
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Rev. 4792BS–DVD–05/04
Current-controlled Output Current Source with 4 Input Channels
Two Selectable Outputs for Grounded Laser Diodes
Up to 350 mA Output Current per Channel
Total Output Current up to 500 mA
On-chip RF Oscillator
Oscillator Frequency Range from 200 MHz to 500 MHz
Individual Setting of RF Oscillator Current on Each Output by External Resistors
Maximum Oscillator Current Amplitude 100 mA
Single 5 V Power Supply
Common Enable/Disable Input
TTL/CMOS Compatible Control Signals
Small Pb-free QFN20 or SSO20 Package
DVD-ROM with CD-RW Capability
DVD+RW with CD-RW Capability
DVD-RW with CD-RW Capability
Magneto-optical Drives and Others
ATR0809 is a laser diode driver for the operation of two different grounded laser
diodes for DVD-RW/+RW (650 nm) and CD-RW (780 nm). It includes four channels for
four different optical power levels. All channels (channel 1 = read channel, channel 2,
3, 4 = write channels) can be controlled by fast switches. The current pulses are
enabled when a low signal is applied to the NE pins. All channels are summed
together and switched to one of the two outputs IOUTA or IOUTB by the select input
SELA. Each write channel (channel 2, 3 and 4) can contribute up to 350 mA to the
total output current of up to 500 mA. The read channel can contribute up to 150 mA.
Total gains of 100 (read channel), 250 (channel 2 and 3) and 100 (channel 4) are pro-
vided between each reference current input and the selected output. Although the
reference inputs are current inputs, voltage control is also possible by using external
An on-chip RF oscillator can be used to reduce laser mode hopping noise in
read mode. The oscillator current amplitude and frequency can be set independently
for the two selectable outputs with four different resistors. Oscillation is enabled by a
high signal at the ENOSC pin. Complete shutdown of the output currents is achieved
by a low signal at the ENABLE input.
Four Channel
Laser Driver
with RF
Oscillator and
Two Outputs

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