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BD63731EFV Datasheet(Fiches technique) 5 Page - Rohm

Numéro de pièce BD63731EFV
Description  36 V High-performance, High-reliability Withstand Voltage Stepping Motor Driver
Télécharger  31 Pages
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Fabricant  ROHM [Rohm]
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BD63731EFV Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Rohm

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21.Jun.2019 Rev.001
• 15 • 001
Function Explanation - continued
11 VREF/Output current value setting pin
This is the pin to set the output current value. It can be set by VREF voltage and current-detecting resistor (RNFX
(Note 1)
(Note 1) x=1 or 2
���������������� =
[A] … (All modes except FULL STEP B)
���������������� =
is the output current.
is the voltage of output current value-setting pin.
is the current-detecting resistor.
Avoid using the VREF pin open because input becomes unsettled, and the VREF voltage increases, and then there is
the possibility of such malfunctions as the setting current increases and a large current flows etc. Keep to the input
voltage range because if the voltage of above 3 V is applied on the VREF pin, then there is also the danger that a large
current flows in the output and so OCP or TSD will operate. Besides, take into consideration the outflow current (Max 2
μA) if the input used is a resistor divider. The minimum current, which can be controlled by VREF voltage, is
determined by motor coil
’s L, R values and minimum ON time because there is a minimum ON time in PWM drive.
12 CR/Connection pin of CR for setting chopping frequency
This is the pin to set the chopping frequency of output. Connect the external C (470 pF to 1500 pF) and R (10 k
Ω to
200 kΩ) between this pin and GND. Refer to P.10.
Make the connection from external components to GND in such a way that there is no common impedance with other
GND patterns. In addition, keep the pattern away from steep pulses like square waves, etc. and there is no noise
plunging in. When it is open or it is biased from the outside, it is not possible to control normal PWM constant current,
so if it is used in PWM constant current control, always put both C and R parts.
13 MTH/Current decay mode setting pin
This is the pin to set the current decay mode. Current decay mode can be optionally set according to input voltage.
MTH Pin Input Voltage [V]
Current Decay Mode
0 to 0.3
0.4 to 1.0
1.5 to 2.0
3.1 to 3.5
Connect to GND if using at SLOW DECAY mode.
Avoid using with the MTH pin open because if the MTH pin is open, the input is unsettled, and then there is the
danger that PWM operation becomes unstable. Besides, take into consideration the outflow current (Max 2
μA) if the
input used is a resistor divider.
14 TEST/Pin for testing
It is a pin to use at the time of an IC shipment test. Use it in GND connection.
In addition, malfunctions may be caused by application without grounding.
15 NC/No connection
This pin is unconnected electrically with IC internal circuit.
16 IC Back Metal
The HTSSOP-B28 package has a metal for heat dissipation on the back of the IC. Since it is assumed to be used by
applying heat dissipation treatment to this metal, always GND on the substrate connect with the plane and solder, and
use the GND pattern widely to ensure sufficient heat dissipation area. In addition, the backside metal is short and the
back of the IC chip, so it has become a GND potential. Because there is a possibility of malfunction and destruction
when it is short and the potential other than GND, never pass the wiring pattern other than GND on the back of the IC.

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