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EVK-M8U Datasheet(Fiches technique) 12 Page - u-blox AG

Numéro de pièce EVK-M8U
Description  Evaluation Kit
Télécharger  27 Pages
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Fabricant  U-BLOX [u-blox AG]
Site Internet

EVK-M8U Datasheet(HTML) 12 Page - u-blox AG

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EVK-M8U - User Guide
UBX-15023994 - R05
Setting up
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4.1.3 Connecting the cables
Unless using USB alone, we recommend using the ACE-AM-0 mating connector (available from the u-
blox online shop) because it locks securely to the front test connector. You will need to solder the
necessary I/O cables to signal sources and outputs as specified in Table 5.
1. Connect the finalized cable to the front connector of EVK-M8U.
2. Connect the unit to a PC running Microsoft Windows by
2.1. USB: Connect via USB port or
2.2. UART: Connect via RS232. Set the slide switch to I2C or
2.3. SPI / I2C compliant DDC: Connect corresponding pins (see Table 4 for pin description). Set the
slide switch accordingly to SPI or I2C.
3. Press the RST button after changing the SPI/ I2C switch.
4. The device may be powered either via USB or from a 5 V supply via the V5_IN input on the front.
5. Connect the RF cable of the GNSS antenna to the RF_IN connector.
6. Start the u-center GNSS Evaluation Software and select the corresponding COM port and baud
7. Refer to the
u-center User Guide [4] for more information.
4.2 Recommended configuration
For optimum navigation performance, the recommended navigation rate configuration is as follows:
The default DR/GNSS-fused navigation solution update rate of 1 Hz is recommended. You can set the
navigation update rate with the message UBX-CFG-RATE. (In this mode, navigation rates up to 30 Hz
are also available from the UBX-HNR-PVT message.)
4.2.1 Serial port default configuration
UART Port 1, Input
UBX and NMEA protocol at 9600 Bd
UART Port 1, Output
UBX and NMEA protocol at 9600 Bd
Only NMEA messages are activated
USB, Input
UBX and NMEA protocol
USB, Output
UBX and NMEA protocol
Only NMEA messages are activated
Table 5: Default configuration
4.2.2 UDR receiver operation
By default, the EVK-M8U is ready to operate in UDR navigation mode.
The statuses of different modes of the UDR receiver are output in the UBX-ESF-STATUS
message. Initialization mode
The purpose of the Initialization phase is to estimate all unknown parameters which are required for
achieving fusion. In this case, the required sensor calibration status shows NOT CALIBRATED (see
Figure 4). Note that the initialization phase requires good GNSS signals conditions as well as periods
during which the vehicle is stationary and when it is moving (including turns). Once all of the required
initialization steps are achieved, fusion mode is triggered and the calibration phase begins.

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