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TL431LI Datasheet(Fiches technique) 17 Page - Texas Instruments

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Numéro de pièce TL431LI
Description  Programmable Shunt Regulator with Optimized Reference Current
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Fabricant  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
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Copyright © 2018, Texas Instruments Incorporated Design Requirements
For this design example, use the parameters listed in Table 1 as the input parameters.
Table 2. Design Parameters
Supply Voltage (VI(BATT))
5 V
Sink Current (IO)
Cathode Current (Ik)
5 mA Detailed Design Procedure
When using TL43xLI as a constant current sink, determine the following:
Output Current Range
Output Current Accuracy
Power Consumption for TL43xLI
Basic Operation
In the configuration shown, TL43xLI acts as a control component within a feedback loop of the constant current
sink. Working with an external passing component such as an BJT, TL43xLI provides precision current sink with
accuracy set by itself and the sense resistor RS. This circuit can also be used as LED driving circuit.
Output Current Range and Accuracy
The output current range of the circuit is determined by the equation shown in the configuration. Keep in mind
that the VREF equals to 2.495V. When choosing the sense resistor RS, it needs to generate 2.495V for the
TL43xLI when IO reaches the target current. If the overhead voltage of 2.495V is not acceptable, please consider
lower voltage reference devices such as TLV43x or TLVH43x.
The output current accuracy is determined by both the accuracy of TL43xLI chosen, as well as the accuracy of
the sense resistor RS. The internal virtual reference voltage of TL43xLI will be within the range of 2.495 V ±(0.5%
or 1.0%) depending on which version is being used. Another consideration for the output current accuracy is the
temperature coefficient of the TL43xLI and RS. Please refer to the electrical characterization table for the
specification of these parameters.
Power Consumption
In order for TL43xLI to properly be used as a control component in this circuit, the minimum operating current
needs to be reached. This is accomplished by setting the external biasing resistor in series with the TL43xLI.
For TL43xLI, the minimum operating current is 1mA and with margin consideration, most of the designs set this
current to be higher than 1mA. To achieve lower power consumption, please consider devices such as ATL43x
and ATL43xLI.

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