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CFPT-5300 Fiches technique(PDF) 1 Page - Semtech Corporation

No de pièce CFPT-5300
Description  The CFPT-5300 series of temperature compensated crystal oscillators
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Fabricant  SEMTECH [Semtech Corporation]
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CFPT-5300 Fiches technique(HTML) 1 Page - Semtech Corporation

  CFPT-5300 Datasheet HTML 1Page - Semtech Corporation CFPT-5300 Datasheet HTML 2Page - Semtech Corporation CFPT-5300 Datasheet HTML 3Page - Semtech Corporation  
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ISSUE 1; 15 OCTOBER 2004
Delivery Options
I Please contact our sales office for current lead times
I The CFPT-5300 series of temperature compensated
crystal oscillators (TCXOs), provide for ultra high stabilities
down to ±0.3ppm and operating temperature ranges as wide
as -55 to 95°C. Housed in an industry standard 4 pin
DIL 14 package, the oscillator uses C-MAC’s latest
custom ASIC “Pluto”, a single chip oscillator and
analogue compensation circuit. Its wide frequency
range, operating temperature range, coupled with it’s
high stability and linear frequency pulling make it the
ideal reference oscilator. Its ability to function down to
supply voltage of 2.4V and low power consumption
makes it suitable for a wide range of applications
Standard Frequency
I 3.2, 4.096, 5.0, 6.4, 8.192, 9.6, 10.0, 12.8, 13.0, 14.4,
14.85, 16.384, 16.8, 19.2, 19.44, 19.8, 20, 32.768, 38.88,
40.0 MHz
Non - standard frequencies in the range 1.25MHz to
40.0MHz are available on request, please contact our
sales office
I Square HCMOS 15pF load
The following non-standard outputs are available on
request, contact sales office:
I Square ACMOS 50pF max load
I Sinewave, > 1.0pk-pk, 10k
Ω // 10pF load
I Clipped Sinewave, >0.8Vpk-pk, 10k
Ω // 10pF load
Sinewave and clipped sinewave signals are superimposed
on a DC offset, to remove this offset insert an external
coupling capacitor in series with the output
Supply Voltages
I 3.3V or 5.0V
(non standard supply voltages in the range 2.4V to 6.0V are
available on request, please contact our sales office)
Current Consumption
I HCMOS Typically »
Eg 20MHz, 5V, 15pF » 4mA
I Sinewave, < 8mA
I Clipped sinewave,
Package Outline
I Low Profile DIL 14 resistance welded enclosure,
hermetically sealed
I ±1ppm maximum in first year, frequency < 20MHz
I ±3ppm maximum for 10 years, frequency < 20MHz
I ±2ppm maximum in first year, frequency > 20MHz
I ±5ppm maximum for 10 years, frequency > 20MHz
Frequency Stability
I Temperature: see table
I Supply Voltage Variation ±10% < ±0.2ppm*
I Load co-efficient 15pF ±5pF < ±0.2ppm*
* Dependent on frequency and output type
Frequency Adjustment
I Option A (standard):
Control Voltage 1.5V±1.0V, applied to pin 1
> ±5ppm*, frequency < 20MHz
> ±7ppm, frequency > 20MHz
Input resistance
Modulation Bandwidth
I Option B:
> ±5ppm *(>±7ppm if frequency >20MHz) by means
of an external 100k
Ω potentiometer connected as a
variable resistor from pin 1 to GND
* Higher adjustment range up to ±50ppm and
non standard control voltage ranges are available on
request. This may not be compatible with all stability
options, contact sales office
I Option C:
No frequency adjustment, initial calibration @25°C
Storage Temperature Range
I -55 to 95°C

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