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OV6620 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 7 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Numéro de pièce OV6620
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OV6620 Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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14 May 1999
Version 1.11
Advanced Information
QCIF Format
A QCIF mode is available for applications where high
resolution image capture is not required. When pro-
grammed in this mode, the pixel rate is reduced by one-
half. Default resolution is 176 x 144 pixels and can be
user-programmed for other resolutions. Refer to Table
7. QCIF Digital Output Format (YUV, beginning of line)
and Table 8. QCIF Digital Output Format (RGB Raw Da-
ta, Beginning of Line) for further information.
Video Output
The video output port of the OV6620/OV6120 image
sensors provides a number of output format/standard
options to suit many different application requirements.
Table 2. Digital Output Formats, below, indicates the
output formats available. These formats are user pro-
grammable through the I2C interface (See Section 3.1
I2C Bus Protocol Format).
The OV6620/OV6120 imager supports both CCIR601
and CCIR656 output formats in the following configura-
tions (See Table 3. 4:2:2 16-bit Format for further de-
16-bit, 4:2:2 format
(This mode complies with the 60/50 Hz CCIR601 tim-
ing standard. See Table 3. 4:2:2 16-bit Format be-
8-bit data mode
(In this mode, video information is output in Cb Y Cr
Y order using the Y port only and running at twice the
pixel rate during which the UV port is inactive. See
Table 4. 4:2:2 8-bit Format below)
4-bit nibble mode
(In the nibble mode, video output data appears at bits
Y4-Y7. The clock rate for the output runs at twice the
normal output speed when in B/W mode, and 4 times
the normal output speed in when in color mode.)
– 704 x 288 format
(When programmed for this mode, the OV6620/
OV6120 pixel clock is doubled and the video output
sequence is Y0Y0Y1Y1 ... and U0U0V0V0 ... See
Figure 3, Pixel Data Bus (YUV Output), below.)
The OV6620/OV6120 imaging devices provide VSYNC,
HREF, PCLK, FODD, CHSYNC as standard output vid-
eo timing signals.
The OV6620/OV6120 image sensor can also be pro-
grammed to provide video output in RGB Raw Data 16-
bit/8-bit/4-bit format. The output sequence is matched to
the OV6620 Color Filter Pattern (See Section Figure 4.
Pixel Data Bus (RGB Output), below):
– Y channel output sequence is G R G R
– UV channel output sequence is B G B G
For 8-bit RGB Raw Data video output appears on the Y
channel (with an output sequence of B G R G) and the
UV channel is disabled.
In RGB Raw Data CCIR656 modes, the OV6620/
OV6120 imager asserts SAV (Start of Active Video) and
EAV (End of Active Video) to indicate the beginning and
the ending of HREF window. As a result, SAV and EAV
change with the active pixel window. The 8-bit RGB raw
data is also accessible without SAV and EAV informa-
The OV6620/OV6120 imagers offer flexibility in YUV
output format. The devices may be programmed as
standard YUV 4:2:2. These devices may be configured
to “swap” the U V sequence. When swapped, the UV
channel output format for 16-bit configurations be-
– V U V U...etc.
and for 8-bit configurations becomes:
– V Y U Y ...etc.
A third format is available for the 8-bit configurations
and OV6620/OV6120 enables the Y/UV sequence
– Y U Y V ...etc.
The OV6620 color single-IC camera can be configured
for use as a black and white imaging device. In this
mode, vertical resolution is greater than in color. Video
data output is provided at the Y port (pins 34:41) and the
UV port is tri-stated. The data (Y/RGB) output rate is
equivalent to operating in 16-bit mode.
The Y/UV or RGB output byte MSB and LSB can be re-
verse-ordered on the OV6620/OV6120 device. The Y7
- Y0 default sequence sets Y7 as MSB and Y0 as LSB.
Programming a reverse order configuration sets Y7 as
LSB and Y0 is MSB, with bits Y2-Y6 reversed-ordered

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