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SMJD-2D12W4PD Datasheet(Fiches technique) 23 Page - Seoul Semiconductor

Numéro de pièce SMJD-2D12W4PD
Description  Connects directly to AC line voltage
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Fabricant  SEOUL [Seoul Semiconductor]
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 23 page
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Product Data Sheet
SMJD-XD12W4PX - Acrich3 12.8W
Rev1,2, Apr 1, 2016
Precaution for Use
내용의 번호는 ( )을
사용하여 넣는다.
(1) Please review the Acrich3 Application Note for proper protective circuitry usage.
(2) Please note, Acrich3 products run off of high voltage, therefore caution should be taken when
working near Acrich3 products.
(3) Make sure proper discharge prior to starting work.
(4) DO NOT touch any of the circuit board, components or terminals with body or metal while circuit
is active.
(5) Please do not add or change wires while Acrich3 circuit is active.
(6) Long time exposure to sunlight or UV can cause the lens to discolor.
(7) Please do not use adhesives to attach the LED that outgas organic vapor.
(8) Please do not use together with the materials containing Sulfur.
(9) Please do not assemble in conditions of high moisture and/or oxidizing gas such as Cl, H
2S, NH3,
2, NOx, etc.
(10) Please do not make any modification on module.
(11) Please be cautious when soldering to board so as not to create a short between different trace
(12) Do not impact or place pressure on this product because even a small amount of pressure can
damage the product. The product should also not be placed in high temperatures, high humidity
or direct sunlight since the device is sensitive to these conditions.
(13) When storing devices for a long period of time before usage, please following these guidelines:
* The devices should be stored in the anti-static bag that it was shipped in from
Seoul-Semiconductor with opening.
* If the anti-static bag has been opened, re-seal preventing air and moisture from being present
in the bag.
(14) LEDs and IC are sensitive to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) and Electrical Over Stress (EOS).
The acrich3 product should also not be installed in end equipment without ESD protection.
Below is a list of suggestions that Seoul Semiconductor purposes to minimize these effects.
a. ESD (Electro Static Discharge)
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the defined as the release of static electricity when two objects come
into contact. While most ESD events are considered harmless, it can be an expensive problem in
many industrial environments during production and storage. The damage from ESD to an LEDs may
cause the product to demonstrate unusual characteristics such as:

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