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LM1972 Datasheet(Fiches technique) 1 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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Numéro de pièce LM1972
Description  Pot 2-Channel 78dB Audio Attenuator with Mute
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Fabricant  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
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µPot2-Channel 78dB Audio Attenuator with Mute
General Description
The LM1972 is a digitally controlled 2-channel 78dB audio
attenuator fabricated on a CMOS process. Each channel
has attenuation steps of 0.5dB from 0dB–47.5dB, 1.0dB
steps from 48dB–78dB, with a mute function attenuating
104dB. Its logarithmic attenuation curve can be customized
through software to fit the desired application.
The performance of a µPot is demonstrated through its ex-
cellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio, extremely low (THD+N), and
high channel separation. Each µPot contains a mute function
that disconnects the input signal from the output, providing a
minimum attenuation of 96dB. Transitions between any at-
tenuation settings are pop free.
The LM1972’s 3-wire serial digital interface is TTL and
CMOS compatible; receiving data that selects a channel and
the desired attenuation level. The Data-Out pin of the
LM1972 allows multiple µPots to be daisy-chained together,
reducing the number of enable and data lines to be routed
for a given application.
Key Specifications
n Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise:
0.003% (max)
n Frequency response:
100 kHz (−3dB) (min)
n Attenuation range (excluding mute):
78dB (typ)
n Differential attenuation:
±0.25dB (max)
n Signal-to-noise ratio (ref. 4 Vrms):
110dB (min)
n Channel separation:
100dB (min)
n 3-wire serial interface
n Daisy-chain capability
n 104dB mute attenuation
n Pop and click free attenuation changes
n Automated studio mixing consoles
n Music reproduction systems
n Sound reinforcement systems
n Electronic music (MIDI)
n Personal computer audio control
Typical Application
Connection Diagram
µPotand Overtureare trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation.
FIGURE 1. Typical Audio Attenuator Application Circuit
Dual-In-Line Plastic or
Surface Mount Package
Top View
Order Number LM1972M or LM1972N
See NS Package Number M20B or N20A
April 1995
© 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation

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