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AN8083S Datasheet(Fiches technique) 4 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

Numéro de pièce AN8083S
Description  Low Voltage Operation IC for DC-DC Converter
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Fabricant  PANASONIC [Panasonic Semiconductor]
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ICs for CD/CD-ROM Player
Oscillation starts at “L.”
“L” when the battery voltage is 2.15V or less.
“H” when the secondary voltage is 4.2V or more.
Oscillation synchronization signal
Power OFF at “L”
Power SW
1) When Pin10 becomes “L” by operation of CPU or
push switch, oscillation starts and boosted voltage is
outputted to the secondary side.
2) When the secondary side voltage exceeds 3.6V, starter
circuit is stopped and PWM operation is started by using
the voltage in the secondary side as power supply.
3) When the secondary side voltage becomes 4.2V,
Pin15 becomes “H” and CPU operation is started.
4) When “L” pulse is sent from CPU to Pin11, oscillation
is stopped and it enters the stand-by mode. In this
status consumption current is 2
µA max.
5) For re-start, when Pin10 becomes “L” by operation of
CPU or push switch, oscillation starts.
s Supplementary Explanation
• Operational Description
When power VCC pin (Pin8) is connected to the supply output and start pin (Pin10) is set to “Low,” the triangular oscillation is
outputted to CT pin (Pin7) and the rectangular wave to OUT pin (Pin5). In this condition, called start condition, PWM control is not
obtained and only oscillation is repeated. By this oscillation at start, supply output is increased. This supply output voltage is
inputted to VCC pin (Pin16) of the AN8083S. When the voltage of VCC pin becomes 3V or more, start oscillation is stopped and
oscillation in normal operation is outputted. PWM control is started only after entering normal mode. The voltage switching
between start and normal operation has 0.5V hysteresis. When power pin (Pin11) is set to “High” in normal operation, normal mode
oscillation is started. In this status, output of the supply is 4.8V fixed.
• Other features
1. Short-circuit protection feature
For normal mode oscillation, when output/FB pin (Pin2) of error amplifier is in “High” condition, oscillation is stopped, since the
power supply system is judged to be in an abnormal condition. With the time constant of discharged current ISPRO of SPRO pin
(Pin3) and capacitor CSPRO, pin voltage is increased, and oscillation is stopped when it becomes 1.25V or more. During this time,
when the error amplifier becomes “Low,” charged current no longer exits and SPRO is maintained to 0.9V.
2. Decreased voltage detection circuit
When VSEN pin (Pin14) gets 2.15V or less, EMS pin (Pin13) gets “High.”
3. Reset output
When VCC pin voltage is 4.2V or more, RST pin (Pin15) gets “High.”
s System Block Diagram

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