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GRM1552C1E5R3WA01W Datasheet(Fiches technique) 21 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Numéro de pièce GRM1552C1E5R3WA01W
Description  Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose
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Fabricant  MURATA [Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.]
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8. Assembly
1. Handling
  If a board mounted with capacitors is held with one hand, the board may bend.
  Firmly hold the edges of the board with both hands when handling.
 If a board mounted with capacitors is dropped, cracks may occur in the capacitors.
  Do not use dropped boards, as there is a possibility that the quality of the capacitors may be impaired.
2. Attachment of Other Components
 2-1. Mounting of Other Components
Pay attention to the following items, when mounting other components on the back side of the board after capacitors have been mounted on the opposite side.
When the bottom dead point of the suction nozzle is set too low, board deflection stress may be applied to the capacitors on the back side (bottom side), and cracks may occur in the capacitors.
· After the board is straightened, set the bottom dead point of the nozzle on the upper surface of the board.
· Periodically check and adjust the bottom dead point.
 2-2. Inserting Components with Leads into Boards
When inserting components (transformers, IC, etc.) into boards, bending the board may cause cracks in the capacitors or cracks in the solder.
Pay attention to the following.
· Increase the size of the holes to insert the leads, to reduce the stress on the board during insertion.
· Fix the board with support pins or a dedicated jig before insertion.
· Support below the board so that the board does not bend. When using support pins on the board, periodically confirm that there is no difference in the height of each support pin.
2-3. Attaching/Removing Sockets and/or Connectors
Insertion and removal of sockets and connectors, etc., might cause the board to bend.
Please insure that the board does not warp during insertion and removal of sockets and connectors, etc., or the bending may damage mounted components on the board.
2-4. Tightening Screws
The board may be bent, when tightening screws, etc. during the attachment of the board to a shield or chassis.
Pay attention to the following items before performing the work.
· Plan the work to prevent the board from bending.
· Use a torque screwdriver, to prevent over-tightening of the screws.
· The board may bend after mounting by reflow soldering, etc. Please note, as stress may be applied to the chips by forcibly flattening the board when tightening the screws.
Suction Nozzle
Component with Leads

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